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An Incredible Spa Experience

Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and the most potent actives available in the world today.

Massage Therapy

 30 min.60 min.90 min.120 min.
The Relaxation-$89$133$178
The Ease and Peace-$99$148$198
The Tension Blowout-$109$163$218
The Duet-$199$298$398
The Magical Eastern-$109$163$218
The Momma Indulgence-$99$148$198
The Ritual Rebirth---$249
Express Massage$69---

Skincare Treatments

 30 min.60 min.90 min.
The Custom-Made-$89$133
The Clearer-$99$148
The Clearer (Chest or Back)-$159$238
The Resurgence-$109$163
The Rescue-$99$148
The Vita-C-$109-
The Gentlemen-$99-
The European-$89$133
The Sea C Spa-$119-
The Algomask+-$99-
The Oxygenating Treatment-$109-
The Botinol (Signature Anti-Aging)-$139-
The Collagen 90+ (Signature Luxury Treatment)-$159-
Express Facial$69--

Body Indulgence

 60 min.90 min.120 min.
The Glow$109--
The Detoxifying-$179-
The Magic of Himalayan-$179-
The Dewy-$179-
The Glamour--$229


Eyebrows$ 16
Lips$ 12
Full Face$ 60
Chin$ 13
Nose$ 12
Side-Burns$ 13
Neck$ 16
Underarms$ 28
Full Arms$ 42
Half Arms$ 32
Full Legs$ 72
Half Legs$ 44
Chest$ 36
stomach$ 36
Half Back$ 36
Back$ 64
Bikini$ 36
Brazillian$ 60


Signature EnhancementFREE
Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub ( 30 min.)$69
Chemical Peel$39
High Frequency$15