eternal Love indulgence

Couple's haven amidst Candlelight  Begin with an aromatic Epsom salt foot soak, setting the stage for the day's duet. Indulge in chocolate-covered strawberries and toast with sparkling champagne or a rose champagne with edible glitter, or choose a delightful mimosa. Non-alcoholic options are also available to ensure everyone's preference is catered to. A 60-minute synchronized massage for two, infused with the harmony of aromatherapy and the soothing melody of hot stones, awaits. The suite is permeated with the fragrance of rose petals, and candlelit ambiance while each treatment table is dressed in a fresh petal decoration, creating a memorable experience

Reserve This Romantic Duet Exclusively on this season of love

Price:  $350
Duration: 75 minutes

heart's desire pampeRing

Gift an escape Crafted as the quintessential expression of love, the Heart’s Desire Pampering package is a lavish gift bestowed by those who cherish their loved ones. Begin this exquisite journey with an aromatic Epsom salt foot soak, setting a serene tone. Precede the indulgence with gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries and a choice of sparkling champagne or mimosa, including non-alcoholic options, to toast the beauty of your bond. A 60-minute massage, enhanced by the warmth of heated Himalayan salt stones and personalized aromatherapy, weaves a tapestry of relaxation. The grand finale, a 90-minute Collagen 90+ facial, unveils a glow of well-being and care. The stage is set with a massage table adorned in fresh rose petals, crafting an unforgettable tableau of affection.

Gift or Indulge in a Symphony of Self-Care

Price:  $369
Duration: 165 minutes


Self-Love Serenade

February 13th: A Day Dedicated to You

On February 13th, the stage is set for a Self-Love Serenade, making couple's massages a silent note for the day.

The concerto begins with an aromatic foot soak paired with hot herbal honey tea and a selection of other beverages, along with seasonal fruits and cupcakes. A 60-minute massage transitions into a revitalizing 60-minute body scrub, followed by a 60-minute Sea C Spa Facial, each movement complemented by an in-session scalp massage and the delicate notes of aromatherapy. On this day, the melodies of couple's services will rest, allowing your solo symphony to resonate.

Compose Your Solo Serenade of Wellness

Price:  $352
Duration: 195 minutes