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Our goal is to  provide you with the most luxurious, and hospitable spa experience you have ever encountered. From the moment you set foot into the modern rustic designed setting .Until the moment you depart, the undeniable therapeutic aromas, the comfortable, relaxing environment , all will permeate your entire being with tranquil, rejuvenating, relaxing vibes.
"Indulging yourself is the simplest form of self love"

Massages Therapy


Want a break from the action? Relax.


Renew your spirit and invigorate your soul.


Nothing feels better than a rejuvenating healed soul.

The Relaxation

The combination of Swedish massage with organic aromatic essential oils  will give you the ultimate relaxation you have been awaiting.  This massage helps sleep disturbances, to stimulates blood circulation and nervous system, while reducing stress, anxiety, and muscle soreness.

Pressure: Light-Medium.

Relaxation: High.

Vitality: Medium.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
 $ 90$ 135$ 175
Member$ 69$ 99$ 129

The Ease and Peace

The perfect combination of  acupressure  that will release all your tension, and deep tissue and Swedish massage that will relieve your pain while allowing you to relax . This massage helps relaxing muscle tension, stiffness and pain, and reducing stress. This is a popular massage among people who work in front of the computer.

Pressure: Medium-Firm.

Relaxation: Medium-High.

Vitality: Medium-High.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
 $ 100$ 145$ 195
Member$ 79$ 109$ 139

The Tension Blowout

This High Intensity Therapeutic Massage combines acupressure, deep tissue and trigger point massage is designed to penetrate deep into the muscle. While loosening connective tissue and melting your muscle tension and pain away. This massage is perfect for chronic pain, muscle knots, tension and injury.

Pressure: Deep.

Relaxation: Medium.

Vitality: Medium-High.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
 $ 110$ 165$ 215
Member$ 89$ 129$ 159

The Duet

Nothing is better than sharing the relaxation experience of a calming massage with your love one or bestie. Allow yourself, and your love ones, to connect and spend quality time sharing our special massage treatment with two of our dedicated therapists. 

Durations60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
 $ 200$ 290$ 390
Member$ 159$ 219$ 279

The Magical Eastern (Royal Thai Massage )

This traditional, fully clothed, Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, massage, and stretching techniques that will vigorously increase your joint range of motion, ease muscle soreness, tension, and stiffness. This massage also incorporates deep breathing techniques during stretching that will significantly reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  

Pressure: Firm.

Relaxation: Medium.

Vitality: High.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
 $ 110$ 165$ 215
Member$ 89$ 129$ 159

The Ritual Rebirth (Special Signature)

This is the Ultimate massage experience developed to give you the best over all empirical massage in the market today.   

This combination massage gives you the benefits of a multitude of massage techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger points, acupressure and stretching  and, also incorporate with therapeutic herbal compress balls .

This our unique massage helps  sleep disturbances, drainage of the lymph, stimulates blood circulation, nervous systems, reduces muscle tension, soreness, stiffness, anxiety, depression and stress.

Pressure: Mixed.

Relaxation: High.

Vitality: High.

Durations120 minutes
 $ 259
Member$ 179

The Momma Indulgence

Prenatal massage tailored for all mothers focuses on soothing and nurturing.

This type of massage helps increasing circulation, reducing swelling and release tension in the back neck and shoulders

Pressure: Light.

Relaxation: High.

Vitality: Medium.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
 $ 90$ 135$ 175
Member$ 69$ 99$ 129

Reflexology (Feet, Hands, Neck and Shoulders)

The combination of foot reflexology, hand, neck and shoulder massage is the perfect massage focusing on areas where stress often accumulates. This massage helps to relax muscle tension and stiffness around your shoulders and feet, and also reducing your stress.

This massage is perfect for people who are looking for a quick relaxation, where time is limited.

Pressure: Firm.

Relaxation: Medium.

Vitality: Medium.

Durations30 minutes
 $ 70
Member$ 49

Skincare Service


Want a break from the action? Relax.


Renew your spirit and invigorate your soul.


Nothing feels better than a refreshing healed soul.

The Custom-Made

This relaxation facial is perfectly designed to nurture all skin types. Our esthetician will analyze your skin and implement a personalized treatment based on your skin type and goals. This treatment will include deep cleansing, exfoliation, aromatic steam, light extraction and deep relaxing facial massage.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes
 $ 90$ 135
Member$ 69$ 99

The Rescue (Hydration and Radiance)

If you haven't taken care of your skin for a while, this is the treatment you have been looking for. This facial will give your skin the extra boost of hydration it needs.  Along with the lock-and-seal moisture mask and serum to ensure your skin will look hydrated, dewy and glowing.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes
 $ 100$ 145
Member$ 79$ 109

The Clearer (Anti-Acne and Blemish Control)

This facial treatment is designed to help with acne-prone skin either on the face or back.  This treatment will remove impurities, reduced pore size and redness, and diminish blemishes as the result after acne. Regain your confidence and your clearer skin. 

Durations60 minutes90 minutes
 $ 100$ 145
Member$ 79$ 109

The Resurgence (Anti-Aging)

Achieve a young, healthy, rejuvenated skin with this facial treatment designed to help you combat any signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment will repair and renew damaged skin and stimulate collagen production that will leave you skin plumper and firmer with a more even textured skin.

Durations60 minutes90 minutes
 $ 110$ 165
Member$ 89$ 129

The Gentlemen's Facial

This facial treatment is designed to nurture a man's skin and build confidence with personalized treatment and mask. Say good bye to a rough textured skin and say hello to well-taken care skin.

Durations60 minutes
 $ 100
Member$ 79

Body Indulgence

Rejuvenate your skin for the healthier and younger look.


Wrap all the minerals that help your skin strengthen and brighten.

Nurturing your skin regularly is key for anti-aging

The Glow

Has your skin looked dull lately? Choose your favorite massage oil to moisturize and nurture the skin. Then it's time to revitalize your skin with Honey-Sugar Scrub will smooth and soften the skin while melting away tired muscles. 

Durations60 minutes
 $ 90
Member$ 69

The Detoxifying

A mineral rich, Dead Sea Mud scrub, is applied on the body to exfoliate dead skin cells and absorb excessive oils and toxins from the body. The activated charcoal mask absorbs odors, oils and impurities from the skin. Finish the treatment with a gentle light moisturizing application to leaving the skin radiantly fresh and clean. 

Durations90 minutesSeries of 3
 $ 239$ 619
Member$ 159$ 429

The Dewy Look

This amazing treatment uses non-physical exfoliant gel (perfect for acne-prone skin) that revitalize dull and aging skin. Utilizing a combination of fruit acids and lactic acid that lifts off dead skin. The Aloe Rejuvenating Toner rejuvenates tired skin followed immediately by the Aloe Peel Gel Mask to nourishes the skin and providing a dewy look.  

Durations90 minutesSeries of 3
 $ 239$ 619
Member$ 159$ 429

The Glamour

This Luxurious body treatment uses Honey-Lemon Sugar Scrub to lift away dead cells and soften skin with the benefits of honey. It revitalizes skin and makes your skin look moisturized and supple. Then, a Nourishing Protein Toner will be applied throughly on the skin with anti-oxidant properties that nourish, and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine line. Afterwards, an Intense Lifting  Mask is applied  to tighten the skin with beta glucan and natural protein. The skin will instantly appear luminous, luxurious ,softer and firmer. Finally a massage therapist provide a luxurious relaxation massage that helps your body increase circulation, and relieve stress with a moisturizing lotion that is packed with antioxidants that will leave your skin glamorous. 

Durations120 minutesSeries of 3
 $ 309$ 829
Member$ 219$ 559

Add Ons

Enrich yourself with more indulgences.


The more you get the more you    enhance you well-being.

Enjoy your extra valuable experience.

Your Preferred Oils
Organic Whipped Shea ButterRich in Allantoin, Vitamin A and E.  Provides anti-irritant and soothing properties, that improves the appearance of aging skin$ 10
100% Organic Argan OilContains a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, phenols and carotens. Unclogs pores, and provides excellent nutritional benefits for skin$ 10
100% Organic Rosehip OilRich in omega-3 ,and omega-6. Helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks$ 10
100% Evening Primrose OilThis magical oil contains a high content of  fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to reduce skin redness and calm the skin$ 10
100% Oil FreeSafe luxurious textured silicone that helps prevent transdermal water loss, Unclog pores, with no greasy feeling$ 10
CBD Massage OilContains 700 mg Hemp-Derived CBD which is THC Free. Provides a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body$ 20

Rose Petals Decorations.

Upgrade your spa experience and surprise your partner with the ultimate in romance. . We will decorate your spa tables with rose petals in a heart shape. This is a perfect opportunity to tell your love one how much you love him/her and make this spa experience unforgettable.

2 Tables$ 25

Custom Sweet Note

Let them know how special they are. We will write a custom note and place inside the relaxation lounge. Guaranteed to put an ear-to-ear smile on their face and brighten their day. 

1 NoteFREE

Foot Spa (Soak, Scrub, Mask) Treatment.

The most crucial organ help us make a pace deserve some pampering as well.

Start with a foot soak, in a milk bath that contains lactic acid that helps loosen dead skin.  An organic coconut-lemon sugar scrub designed to help exfoliate dead skin, while smoothing and softening the skin. Afterwards, your feet are masked in an activated charcoal clay mask to help sooth the skin and absorb unpleasant odors.

10 minutes$ 25

More Indulgence!

It's often said,"The More The Better".  Give yourself extra time you need to relax and enjoy the massage moment.

15 minutes$ 20

Hot Stones

Get some extra indulgence that will help sooth the area that feels the most tension. while increasing circulation and inducing serenity.

In-session$ 19

Stretch Therapy

Improve flexibility, mobility and range of motion, and reduce muscle tightness and tension with passive stretching. At the end of the session you will feel reborn again.

In-session$ 9

Thai Therapeutic Herbal Compresses

These ancient Thai healing herbal compress balls are made with a miracle aromatic herbal that will melt your muscle tension and soreness, alleviating fatigue, and relieve stress with medicinal properties that no other practice can provide.

Give them a try! You'll love them.

Additional 30 minutes$ 45

Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub

A delicious Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub developed to exfoliate your entire body. Reveal soft, baby smooth skin. Get that extra radiant and natural look you desire.  

Additional 30 minutes$ 35

Outcall/Mobile Service

Need a spa professional comes to your residence? We offer outcall/mobile service. Available only massage and body treatment service.  

Commute timePrice
30 minutes or less$ 40


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